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January : I only made that one drawing. January 2014 was a weird month with what happened in Paris. I mostly spent the day reading books about scenario and shinto for comics projects. And playing Far Cry 4. Also did "les 12 heures de la bd", not as good that last year, I started working on a idea and stopped it and started another one and at the end of the challenge, I obviously didn't finished my comics.

February : Looking for moving, and having a lot of responsability at work that make me feel bad. Keep reading shinto and yokai related stuff. Started a "yokai book".

March : Started a notebook dedicaced to my yokais study and write a lot about it. The drawing is the witchsona meme, I also drew my girlfriend as a witch. A lot of stress and anxiety at work. I bought my hobonichi cousin. Keep working on the comics from "les 12 heures".

April : Finally finished my comics "Green thumb". Started watching Steven Universe and love it. Play a lot to Infamous son. Work is still full of stress.

May : Love Steven universe. Carved my firsts stamps. Really exhausted that time of the year, had a fibroflare. Made a video on my hobonichi cousin :…

June : I draw mostly in my hobonichi cousin and post my drawings on instagram. Started doing crochet (a little bit). Had the best holidays ever.

July : Real life is busy, working on our moving, but I made some little randoms drawings in my sketchbooks. Playing fantasy life in the subway instead of working on my comics. Started inking my comics at home. Have fun doing planner video, I also love to read organisation and planner related stuff on Pinterest.

August : Spent a lot of time on that experimental drawing, it was really fun ! Keep working really slowly on my comics. Once again, a lot of stress : Looking for a new home for the moving and familial drama. Work is becoming really weird. Made the "doodle for beginners" video :… Started learning hiraganas. Working on the moving. Familial drama intensify.

September : To be honest thoses stamps were done in August, but I have nothing more to show on August so X3; Spent the month packing the house and saying goodbye to friend on Paris. Spent the month reading MBTI related stuff. Moving in the new house. A lot of stress and anxiety because of familial drama. I think I didn't drew that month ?

October : Inktober, yay ! I couldn't keep it all the month this year because of familial drama and major anxiety, but I'm still happy with what I did that month. Started playing Bloodborne A LOT. Got my first tattoo.

November : Start working seriously on that comics I was supposed to finish months ago. Work on a video project with my bro. Attacks in Paris, again. Got a new job. Spent a lot of time working on video project.

December : Our first video is online :… Proud of all the work we did on it ! FINALY finished my comics, you can read it here :…
Now thinking about my next comic project...


That year was really full of stress and anxiety. Please 2016, be gentle with me ! ;_;

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